Psychic Readings


Nancy Parsons 

Nancy is a gifted medium who connects you with your departed loved ones and spirit guides. 
These are challenging times we live in and any help, advice on work, love life and personal growth only adds to our preparedness for all that shows up.  

Linda Keaford

Linda is a clairvoyant reader and healer offers aura readings and tarot. She looks at your energy fields and answers your questions about health, relationships, and other concerns.

Sherri Leigh 

Sherri is a medium, she can tap into your Akashic records, accessing a client's Guides and Higher Self to channel information beneficial to their interests and health issues and any important decisions that have to be made.

Elsa the Medium

Elsa will connect with those that have crossed over and your spirit guides to provide information and messages from friends and loved ones in spirit.


Nancy Miller

Nancy uses Usui and Tibetan Reiki methods, incorporating gemstone and crystal energies with Tibetan singing bowls as a gentle way of restoring balance to the emotional, mental, and physical states of the body. 
For additional time and appointment call Nancy at 520-349-9598

We have readings and reiki available at Mystic on Saturdays by appointment, 
please call (520) 721-1011 to schedule. 

All readings are $40.00 for a 1/2 hour or $80.00 for full hour (please bring cash).