Classes & Events

                                                                    Mediumship Group - Saturday, May 1st  9:00-10:30am

                                                                    This group will be led by Elsa Le'Anne. Group intent is                                                               to gather together to meditate in a wholesome environment                                                              to mediate and receive messages from our Spirit Guides and                                                              loved ones in Spirit. All levels of experience are welcome.                                                              Cost is $15.00

Astrology Class - Taurus  Saturday, May 1st  11:30am-2:00pm

This class is taught by Linda Keaford. We will study the Zodiac sign 
of Taurus in your birth chart. We will also look at the full moon lunar 
eclipse happening on May 26th and how it effects you astrology wise. 
I look forward to sharing the stars together with you. Call ahead to 
sign up and give us your birth info (date, time, place). Cost is $35.00

                                                Tarot Class - Court Cards - Sunday May 2nd  11:00am-2:00pm

                                               We will study the Court Cards: Page, Knight, Queen, & King of the 
                                    4 suits. These cards represent us andthe people in our life. 
                                     We will review and do readings together. Join us for a better 
                              understanding of the Tarot cards and how to use them. 
     Taught by Linda Keaford. Cost: $40.00 ​