Classes & Events

                                                                    Mediumship Group - Saturday, Oct. 2nd  9:00 - 10:30am

                                                              This is a monthly group led by medium Elsa Le'Anne. The                                                               group intent is to gather together to meditate and receive                                                               messages from our Spirit Guides and loved ones in Spirit. All                                                               levels of experience are welcome. Cost: $15.00

 Astrology Class -  Saturday, Oct. 2nd 11:30am-2:00pm

Class is taught by Linda Keaford. In this class we will study the 
Basics of Astrology and include some focus on LIBRA, the sign 
of the Scales of Justice. We will also study the transits upcoming 
this fall including the current Mercury Retrograde. Join us to take 
a look at your horoscope. Please call (520) 721-1011 to register 
and give your birth info (date, time, location). Cost: $35.00

​                                                                                                Past Life Regression Meditation - 
                                                                                             Saturday, Oct. 2nd 6:30 - 8:30pm

                                                             Experience two different past life regression exercises during 
                                                       this two-hour workshop. Discover new information about                                                            yourself, pull forward old skills, shed light on behavioral                                                             patterns that you may be holding on to, resolve feelings of                                                             déjà vu. This is a gentle relaxing experience. Bring a pillow if                                                         you'd like to lie on the floor or sit in one of our chairs. Bring a                                                            notebook to journal your experiences. This is a self-experiential                                          exercise into your inner being. Led by Katie Pifer. 
Cost is $20.00